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Rent Washing machines

Washing Machine Rental

If you temporarly need a washing machine, offers you to rent a laundry machine for the duration of your choice, saving you from some important expenses.

Discover our large offer of washing machines

For your new home the online shop, makes at your disposal a large spectrum of washing machines to rent : top-loading or front-loading ones, classical or with an original design... Choose the model adapted to your situation and living space from the best brands : Hotpoint, Electrolux or even Whirlpool.

The advantages of renting a laundry machine

The rental of every kind of equipment is is getting more and more usual, and allows to make some real savings. This new buying behavior is ideal if your needs are only temporary (while on a trip or when you’re studying in antoher country) : instead of making some expensive purchases you pay for your material only for the time your needing it. Renting a washing machine becomes suddenly way less expensive than buying one. You’re paying only for the period of time your using it, which allow you to enjoy the best products at a very affordable rate. You can then use your washer with no constraint until the day you no longer going to need it.

Renting a washer in all simplicity allows you to rent a washing machine simply and inexpensively. Our offer is very practical since you don’t even have to worry about transportation and installation. We’re the one who deliver it to you, and come get it once you no longer need it, Our washing machine offer is economical, since renting one is less expensive than buying one, allowing you to access the top of the line models.
The duration of our rentals goes from 1 to 36 months. Renting a washing machine from is the best alternative to buying one, wheter it is to save money or to win some time.
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