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Rent Large household appliances

Home Appliances rental for a short or a long period of time

In need of reliable and affordable short or long-term appliance rental solutions? Trust Orent for all your appliance rental needs. As a leading provider of appliance rentals for short or long-term, we offer a wide range of appliances to fit any need and budget. Our selection includes refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and other household appliances. Our experienced team can help you choose the right appliances for your temporary or long-term project and also manage the delivery and setup for your convenience.

Renting the perfect appliance

Here you can find everything you're looking for. An iron, a coffee machine, a dryer or even a fridge, we have all the appliances you need. We're very flexible, we allow you to choose the product you want for as long as you need it. With you can suscribe to a short time rental, or at the opposite, a long one, up to 36 months. Complete freedom and no constraint!

Who is looking for Home Devices ?

Renting small or big home appliances is perfect for people who are in a temporary situation, who are staying at a place only for a few months, as well as the ones who like to frequently change their furnitures. We’re here for the students who are getting a house only for the time of their studies, for the workers who are on a temporary mission, or for the young couple who juste got a house and can’t buy all their equipments at once. We allow everyone to enjoy the products they need, while still saving money.

Home appliances rental : the advantages of

Since your satisfaction is our priority, we’ve developped our rental offer with two requirements : quality and freedom. Freedom because you choose for how long you’re renting the product, regardless of the delivery or moving the furniture when you no longer need it. Quality because our products are reliable and in a perfect condition, so you can use them in all peace of mind.
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