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Renting a Television with

To avoid too many expenses in furnitures, specially if you’re in a place only for a short period of time, we offer you to rent all the equipment you need for your new home. You’ll find here televisions from all the best brands : LG, Samsung, Philips or even Sony. Different sizes, models and technologies are at your disposal.

Why rent a TV ?

There is generally two kind of situations where we consider renting a TV : wanting to stay up to date with your technological equipment, or needing to furnish a home for a temporary period of time. Television technology rapidly evolves, renting a TV is a smart way to follow the evolutions of the market without spending too much : instead of a buying a new model at each generation, you only have to rent one, the price of the rental being less expensive.
Or, maybe you need a TV only for a few months. since you’re soon going to move from the house you’re living in. In this case renting is a more interesting option than buying, since you’re going to pay for it only for the time you’re using it. Furthermore, the transportation problematic is eluded, since we bring the TV at your house, and come get it once the contract ends.  

The advantages of TV rental with

  • The Price : As we said it before, renting a TV for a short period of time is financially more interesting than buying one. You’re monthly payments allows you to enjoy your equipments with a budget who’s entirely in your control, since guarantees the best rental prices.
  • The Quality : Renting a television with means choosing a highly qualitative solution. Our TV rental services for private individuals, allows to choose from the best brands (Philips, Sony, LG, Samsung...) with the best confort of use. Watching TV has never been this pleasant.
  • The Simplicity : Discover all the practical advantages of renting a TV ! We deliver it at your home, we install it and we come get it once your contract ends. You don’t have to worry about anything, all you have to do is to enjoy your new TV, and we take care of the rest.
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