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If you need to get household equipement you’re at the right place. The online shop puts at your disposal the best housecare appliances, for short or long term rentals. If you’re a foreign exchange student or an employee who’s working abroad, you’ll be able to rent household equipements for a duration athat goes from 1 to 36 months. Counter to a permanent acquisition, rental doesn’t require important investments, only small monthly payments. No reason to hesitate, rent from us and enjoy the home you deserve.

Rent household appliances with

Do you wish to settle in a new city, but only for a limited amount of time ? Whatever your situation and budget, furnishing your new home is one of the most important things to do. No more worries to have, will accompany you during the whole relocation process. But our rental service is also useful for many other situations. If you need to set-up a model home for example, you can rent our houshold appliances, such as an iron or a vacuum cleaner. Thereby the potential purchaser can better visualize how it will feel to live in the home he visited.

Why should you rent household appliances ?

Our website has plenty of high quality products. It will answer all of your requirements in term of household equipements. Moreover you can even modify the duration of the rental, or change the rented product. Why should you encumber yourself with costly equipments, if you’re only going to use them for a short amount of time ?

The advantages of renting household equipements

  • The Price : When you rent from us, you don’t have a big investment to do, only small monthly payments that won’t even be felt on your budget.
  • The Quality : We only have high-quality products made by the very best brands. If you want to get the houshold appliances at a fraction of the real cost, rental is the perfect solution.
  • The Simplicity : Our products are delivered at the date and place of your choice. And once the rental comes to an end it works the same way, we’ll come take everything back. The only things you have to do, is to sit and relax.
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