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Rent an ice machine, specialist in short and long term temporary rental, offers you various models of ice makers. These can quickly produce ice cubes to refresh your drinks and your hot summer days. Depending on your needs, the duration of the rental can vary between 1 and 36 months. No reason to hesitate, rent your ice machine from and enjoy refreshing drinks on long hot days.

Ice machine rental with

The ice makers available on come exclusively from the best brands (Klarstein, Lagrange, Naelia, H.Koenig). In addition to benefiting from very low prices, you have the possibility to change your ice machine if it does not meet your expectations. Our service is entirely designed to satisfy you and make your life easier. You have no effort to make, the ice cube maker will be delivered to you on the date and place of your choice, and will be taken back as soon as your rental contract ends.

Why rent an ice machine? offers you the opportunity to spend less by focusing on leasing rather than buying. Indeed, why bother with products that you will only use for a limited time? Avoid the costly purchase of an ice maker by subscribing to rental packages that will allow you to benefit from high quality products at unbeatable prices. If you are in short-term accommodation (workers on mission, students, holidaymakers...), this service provides the ideal solutions to all your problems.

The advantages of renting an ice maker

  • The price : With, you will save a lot of money. When you rent an ice maker from our service, you benefit from such low monthly payments that they will have no effect on your budget. Our rates are unbeatable, we have the best offers in the rental market.
  • Quality : We only choose high quality products in order to offer you the best possible experience. We offer you top-of-the-range and carefully controlled models so that you will come away completely satisfied.
  • Simplicity : Renting an ice maker is easy with You do not have to follow complicated procedures. Our teams are entirely at your service, in order to satisfy each of your requests. We deliver your ice cube maker to you on the date and place of your choice. The same applies to the return of the device at the end of the rental contract. In addition, if you wish, you are free to change the rental period of your device at any time.
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