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Thanks to our tableware rental offer on, you can enjoy a wide choice of plates, forks, glasses and many tableware for all your events and receptions. There is no better way to benefit from such an interesting good plan, especially if you need it just for a while. Are you organizing a small reception at home? Rented dishes and other accessories to welcome your guests. Chairs for your guests, glass to serve snacks or champagne during your reception.... Your event will be perfect.

Dish rental with

Spend less with by renting dishes or tables only if you need them. With us, the rental time can vary from 1 to 36 months. It is therefore up to you to choose the length of the cutlery rental period that suits you. Once the rental contract is finished, you can either return or decide to keep your lot longer. If necessary, we collect them directly from you. In addition, we offer the possibility of exchanging dishes during use when there is a problem.

Why rent dishes? makes your life easier by allowing you to rent dishes instead of buying them. So avoid spending a fortune and avoid cluttering up simply because you need dishes for only a short time. Renting dishes is ideal for many situations, such as a reception, seminar or your wedding. In addition, tableware rental is equally suitable for young people entering the workforce or anyone wishing to organise an event.

The advantages of dishware rental

  • - Price : To help its customers avoid having to make large investments in the purchase of dishes, has set up a controlled monthly payment system that is very easy to manage.
  • - Quality : With, rest assured without worrying about the quality of our rented dishes. With us, you can benefit from a repair or replacement warranty in the event of a problem. We complied with all safety instructions.
  • - Simplicity : Trust in our professionalism to deliver your dishes as quickly as possible. We simplify all the procedures for you by offering you a simple, fast and fully supported delivery by our team.
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