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Rent a bed

You’re staying at a place only for a limited amount of time ? You have friends who are visting, but you don't have a bed for them to sleep in ? With you can rent a bed, easily and for the duration of your choice.

Choose a bed to rent with allows you to choose from different models of beds to rent, so we can answer to all of your needs. You can choose between a single bed, a double one, or even a bunk bed. All you have to do is selecting the bed you want, and for how long you're going to need it. Our rental duration goes from 1 month up to 36 months. You'll then enjoy all the quality of our services : furnitures from the best brands, assembly, delivery ... offers you a tailored solution, practical, and inexpensive for your sleeping recquirements. It will allow you to save money without loosing the quality of the equipment, and sacrifcing your own comfort.

Renting the bed you always wished for

Renting equipment is a practical and economical solution for temporarly furnishing your house, with high quality material. There is many situations where renting a bed is very useful : when you’re moving in a house only for a few months, when you need to save some money before buying one, or when you’re still a student.
  • The Price : Instead of buying furnitures that you’re going to use only temporarly, you’re renting a bed only for the duration you’re using it. It’s going be less expensive than if you just bought it.
  • The Quality : Renting a bed allows you to select a higher quality model than if you bought it. Since you’re paying for the bed only for a few months, you can allow yourself to choose one who would have been to expensive to buy.
  • The Simplicity : You don’t need to go at a store, and then to bring the furnitures at your house. When you rent a bed with, the delivery and the assembly are included. And once you’re leaving the home, you don’t have to give a thought about the furnitures, we’re here to take them back.
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