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Online shop for renting furniture and home supplies, offers you a cheap and quality parasol rental service. Thanks to this service, you will be able to easily dispose of the parasol of your choice over a period of 1 to 36 months. This is an opportunity that is particularly open to students and employees, as well as to people living in a house for a fixed period of time.

Sunshade rental with

No more inconvenience or expense for your sunshade needs. Simply visit the online store to choose from a selection of high quality and branded products. You are delivered to your home by the rental service whenever you want. At the end of the product's use, the service is still at your disposal to recover it. You can change the product or renew it at any time.

Why rent a parasol?

There is no need to buy a parasol if you only need it for a short period of time! By choosing to rent, you limit the risk of congestion and large expenses. Very economical and practical, this formula is perfect for students, employees on mission and people who occupy accommodation for a fixed period. They will only have to pay for the use of the product through low monthly payments. You have the possibility to modify the duration of your rental, to exchange products in case of problems or to renew them whenever you wish: you will benefit from home delivery and pick-up as soon as you express the need.

The advantages of sunshade rental

  • Price : with, you benefit from the lowest prices in the rental market, as well as controlled monthly payments. So you only have to make small investments.
  • La qualité : having high quality products at very affordable prices is a reality on Then enjoy yourself!
  • Simplicity:Renting from the online store is easy. At the end of the product's use, you don't need to travel to return it. The rental service takes care of it.
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