• Offer

  • Can I rent the furniture for a specific period ?

    Of course, the prices are valid for minimum durations indicated in months, but you can set your arrival and departure dates as you wish. The additional days will be billed in proportion to the monthly rates adapted to the duration initially chosen.

  • Has the rented furniture already been assembled ?

    All the furniture that we rent is assembled in advance (or on site) by us. This service is included regardless of the delivery method selected.

  • Is there a deposit?

    Yes, a deposit corresponding to two monthly rental payments is required. This deposit is paid at the time of the order and will be returned at the end of the rental contract (see General conditions of service)

  • Can I change the duration of my contract ?

    You can adjust the duration of the contract at any time by contacting customer service (01 86 65 10 00 ; [email protected].

    · If you wish to stay longer, we will adjust your monthly payments from the month following the notice of contract extension. The rental period already carried out will be taken into account to determine the new monthly payment.

    · If you have to leave prematurely, the amount of the monthly payments for your entire contract will be adjusted with the price corresponding to your new rental period.

  • Is there a commitment period ?

    · For contracts greater than or equal to three months of rental, the commitment period is 2 months. In the event of early departure, the rest of the monthly payments corresponding to this period of engagement will be invoiced.

    · For short-term contracts (1 and 2 months), the commitment period is equal to the duration of the contract, if you request a return of the products before the end of the period provided, the entire contract will remain due.

    However, if you want to return the products after 2 months of rental, the monthly payment will be adapted to the new rental period retroactively and no termination fee will be applied.

  • When do I have to notify of my departure ?

    The departure date must be communicated at least 21 days in advance. Otherwise, Orent will do its utmost to meet your preference date but reserves the right to apply a penalty of 50 euros to meet the additional logistical costs resulting from urgent treatment.

  • Can I rent for a period of less than 1 month or more than 36 months ?

    A rental of less than one month is possible, however it will be invoiced for the equivalent of one month of rental which is the minimum period.

    Rentals longer than 36 months are possible and give you the right to an even more advantageous rate, contact customer service or leave a message to receive a quote.

  • Can I buy the furniture permanently ?

    Yes, if you wish to acquire ownership of the furniture you are renting, you can contact customer service at any time during the contract. A financial proposal to buy back the furniture will be made to you. The monthly payments already paid will be taken into account in the proposal.

  • Orent.com's offer ?

    We have three rental offers:

    · By product: You directly select the products one by one among the categories and build your interior yourself. Sorting criteria by price, color or even material are available to help you quickly identify the products that suit you.

    · By pack : You select already prepared packs that you can customize by modifying the quantity of the products. An ambience photo containing all the products allows you to see the rendering of the composition.

    · On plan : You send us the plan of your apartment, indications on what you like and your budget and we will send you proposals within 48 hours.

  • Can I rent for a period of less than 1 month or more than 36 months?

    A rental of less than one month is possible, however it will be invoiced for the equivalent of one month of rental which is the minimum period. Rentals longer than 36 months are possible and give you the right to an even more advantageous rate, contact customer service or leave a message to receive a quote.

  • Order

  • Can I order by phone or e-mail?

    Yes, you can place an order by phone by contacting customer service on 01 86 65 10 00 (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.) or at any time by e-mail by sending your request to [email protected].[email protected] .

  • How do I proceed to order online?

    To fully benefit from our services you must follow the following steps :

    1/ Select the length of your stay in order to obtain the rental monthly payments that interest you. Indeed, the monthly rental payment decreases with the length of the stay. You can modify this duration at any time by clicking on the duration at the top of the page.

    2/ Select the products you want to rent by choosing pre-designed packs or à la carte products.

    3/ Select your arrival date. If you are not yet sure of your arrival date, no problem, choose an approximate date and change it later by contacting us. To be sure to receive your furniture on the desired date, you should notify us at least one week in advance.

    4/ Choose your delivery method, you can opt for a Move in / Move out * carried out by Orent or pick up the furniture at our warehouse.

    * The service includes moving in and out.

  • Are the photos of the products contractual?

    We use images mainly provided by our suppliers, however the photos are not contractual.

    The technical characteristics specific to the product such as color or dimensions are information explained in the title of the product or in its technical sheet.

    However, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

  • What should I do if during my order I encounter a technical problem?

    Call customer service who will assist you in entering your order.

  • Where can I find a summary of my order?

    Before payment, a summary of your order is displayed. You can adjust the quantities from this summary. After payment, you will receive a confirmation email with information about the rented products and payment. This information is also available in the "My account" section.

  • How to return the products in case of withdrawal?

    You have the possibility to return the products by your own means, contact customer service to make an appointment to drop off the products at our warehouse.

    The return of products can also be made by our teams. He will be charged the cost of a normal move. Contact customer service to set the return date for the products.

  • Moving in / Moving out

  • How is the product moved in?

    If you choose the "move in / move out" option, Orent will send a team of movers on the agreed date. Once the date is confirmed, you will be contacted a few days before the move in to refine the time of the appointment.

    If you have chosen to come and collect the furniture from our warehouse, it will be made available to you on the agreed date and you will be responsible for moving it.

  • Is product installation included?

    If you choose the option "moving in / out", the product installation in your interior is included. The installation includes unpacking, the electrical connection, the connection of supply and evacuation of water. We do not carry out electrical or plumbing work, the channel settings for TVs are not carried out as well as the connection of stoves.

  • Can I pick up my furniture myself ?

    Of course, the delivery option "withdrawal from the warehouse" is free and allows you to come and collect your products yourself from our warehouse. This option includes the assembly of the furniture by us. We will also help you load your vehicle. If you cannot bring them back, you can subscribe to our moving service during your contract at least 3 weeks before the departure date so that we can guarantee the availability of a team.

  • Can I change my move in / move out date?

    Yes, to change your move in / move out date, all you need to do is contact us. We need to know the exact move-in date at least 7 days in advance and 21 days for moves. The accommodation remains the priority of our team. If you are unable to meet this deadline, we will do our best to have a team available on the date you have chosen, but you may be charged an additional cost related to the logistics emergency (see General conditions of service) in the case of extremely short deadlines.

  • What should I do if I cannot be present during my move in / move out?

    If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend, your case corresponds to the previous question.

    If you are absent during the visit of our moving / moving team, you will need to contact customer service as soon as possible to set a new moving date. Orent.com reserves the right to invoice the costs generated by a second visit.

  • After-sales service

  • What if a product breaks down?

    When a product no longer works or functions abnormally :

    1/ Consult the user manual provided to you.

    2/ If you cannot find a solution, contact customer service and a technician will carry out the diagnosis in order to resolve the fault.

    3/ In case of failure, we will make an appointment within 72 hours for an intervention at home.

    4/ If the failure cannot be resolved by physical intervention, your product will be replaced as soon as possible by a product with equivalent characteristics.

  • What if I have doubts about the use of a product ?

    Consult the user manual provided to you. If you cannot find a satisfactory answer, contact customer service.

  • How can I contact Orent.com after-sales service?

    Orent.com customer service is available on 01 86 65 10 00, Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • What happens in the event of breakage or theft of the property that I am renting?

    Your signature of the delivery note is equivalent to the transfer of responsibility, therefore, if you break an Orent.com product or have it stolen, your responsibility is called into question and you will be indebted to Orent.com for the value of the repairs in case of breakage, or the value of the product in case of theft.

    Of course, in both cases, check that your insurance covers you against these situations.

  • Payment

  • What are the payment methods?

    We accept payments by credit card, SEPA direct debit or transfer.

    Payment on order can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

    Rental payments can be made by credit card, SEPA direct debit or transfer.

  • When does my direct debit take place?

    For rental payments, direct debit from your bank card or by SEPA direct debit is made by default every 5th of the month. You can request a change in the debit day by contacting customer service on 01 86 65 10 00 or by e-mail [email protected].

  • How do I change my bank details?

    Contact customer service on 01 86 65 10 00 or by e-mail at [email protected].

  • Do I have to pay the audiovisual license if I rent a television?

    If you rent a television from Orent.com, you will be subject to the audiovisual license.

    However, for contracts less than 1 year, you can request a reduction in this tax to match your usage. All you need to do is send your rental agreement to the tax office on which you report, explaining the purpose of your request. You will then receive tax relief and pay only on a pro rata basis for the duration of use of your product.

  • Customer account

  • How do I proceed to create my account?

    When placing an order on Orent.com, you must create an account to register or simply identify yourself. Once your account is activated, an e-mail will be sent to the address you entered when creating the account. You can come and modify your personal data by logging into your account in the "My account" section.

  • What is the My Account space for?

    In this space, you have access to

    · Your contact details : you can change them at any time.

    · Your addresses : here you manage your delivery and billing addresses.

    · Your orders : you can view the details and status of your orders.

    · Your invoices : you can view and download your invoices.