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Armchairs rental

The online shop, allows you to rent a great selection of armchairs for a duration that goes from 1 to 36 months. You can find here the high-quality armchairs, from the best brands such as SLAKETIN, MARAIS, BIZO and many more...

Armchairs rental with

When you choose you’re making sure you won’t have to make a big investment. Instead, you only make small monthly payments. Not only you’ll be able to choose an armchair from our great selection of products, you’ll get your new seat quickly and easily thanks to our amazing delivery service. Yes, you’re the one who decides at which date we deliver it. And once you don’t longer need it, things stay just as simple. You have nothing to do to get rid it , we’re the ones who'll come take it back.

Why rent an armchair ?

Renting an armchair is ideal when you’re staying at a place only for a limited period of time. Indeed if you’re a student who’s home isn’t furnished, renting an armchair for your living room is the perfect solution. You’ll enjoy a comfortable armchair, without the incoveniences of having to buy one. You can even try as many models as you want, beofre decding which one is your favorite.

The advantages of armchair rental with

  • The Price : You’ll be delighted since your new armchair won’t impact your budget. has the best prices of all the rental services. For many situations rental is a better solution than purchase, who will allow you to save significant amounts of money.
  • The Quality : You can trust our service, who is easy to use, reliable and quick. When you rent an armchair from us, you get the best furniture, from middle to a high-end range, and only from the best brands : SLAKETIN, MARAIS, BIZO ...
  • The Simplicity : We deliver your armchair directly at your home at the date of your choice. We take care of everything, you have nothing to do except enjoying your new armchair.